How To: Real Estate Aerial Photography

How To: Real Estate Aerial Photography

February 25, 2020

Get The Shots Your Client Will Love

Every Shoot. Every Time.

Real estate season is heating up, which means more phone calls for residential aerials. Whether you offer full-scale photography services or are simply a droner, these tips will help improve the quality of your deliverables folder.

Utilizing Low Level Shots

While everyone's favorite part is getting those shots right underneath the clouds, sometimes you're better off staying around 75-90 feet in the air. This gives your client and their potential buyers a different aerial view, and can be very useful in areas that would otherwise be impossible to shoot, like the above water shot seen above. Just be careful your drone doesn't take a swim.

Top Down Aerials

While browsing listing photos, a shot I often seen fall by the wayside is the beloved top-down shot. These types of photos can provide useful information that gives your client another selling point. Seen here is a clear view of the roof, which often times is something potential buyers ask realtors about when viewing properties. Give your client a leg-up by having a photo they can reference directly during their sales pitch.

"I want awesome drone shots of the house"

This is often how the conversation starts when discussing the marketing of a listing. While the aerial views of the shots are more than likely going to be some of the favorites out of the batch, don't forget to point your eye in the sky in other directions.

Whether its mountains, oceans, or farmland that surrounds the property you're shooting, their is always value in getting a shot of the surroundings and show the potential buyers what's around.

Adding these shots to your arsenal can help add variety to your final product, leaving your client more satisfied. So next time you have a realtor in your pipeline, be sure to utilize this and help grow your brand as a drone photographer. Happy Droning!

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February 25, 2020




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